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So long, “how-to” blogs…

Maria Sadek
By Maria Sadek | Oct 19, 2021 9:29:09 AM


What happens when you place a group of tech-savvy Lloydians in a room and ask them what’s the next best client experience you can offer? – A lengthy conversation consisting of technical jargon and the inexplicable yearning to illustrate how tech breathes life into business. In other words, Lloydians will focus on delivering a digital transformation that improves operational efficiency for each one of our clients. Cool! But how does that work for those of us who are less technical?

We are excited to announce that we’ve officially incorporated end-user-training for applications and tools as part of our portfolio. This exciting new component will be led by a member of the Lloydian Community, Robin Fiddle Posnack, Lead Trainer & Documentation Specialist. With over 30 years of experience providing technical training in the corporate world, Robin will lead the Lloyd training team and provide proactive training for your team on all your technology platforms. Our mission is to deliver strategically customized high-quality training developed specifically to fulfill your business needs. Our goal is to increase the productivity of your team by increasing their computer software skills. Robin’s training will highlight new features, demonstrate on how you can maximize benefits to meet current and future corporate objectives, and provide effective productivity tips using industry-related examples. 

So, you can say “so long” to how-to blogs and say hello to Learning with Lloyd!

Did you know that fewer than 30% of a company’s technology vendors are actively involved in their digital transformations? With one of our brand promises being Clear Strategic Direction, our clients can rest assured that we will always be proactive in the implementation, management, and consulting of their digital transformation. The expert training provided by Robin and the team is just one step towards ensuring that your business achieves maximum benefits from your technology investments.

Thank you for being a valued member of the Lloyd Community.

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