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5 Tech Habits That Will Benefit Your Personal Life

Maria Sadek
By Maria Sadek | Jan 20, 2022 10:15:00 AM


The transition to a primarily remote world has prompted businesses to recognize the benefits of technology; however, in our personal lives, we rarely think twice about how we spend time with tech. It’s important to build some positive technology habits for a happier, balanced life outside of work. Today we round up our top 5 tech habits that’ll eliminate frustration and bring you some peace of mind.

Turn on two-factor authentication everywhere you can

We focus on implementing two-factor authentication for our work-related devices, but we neglect to protect our personal devices. Two-factor authentication only takes a couple of minutes to set up and it’s a great way to deter hackers. Once enabled, you’ll receive a unique code generated either via app, SMS, or email to authenticate. The good news is many platforms (social media, email, etc.) and devices allow for easy setup of two-factor authentication. If you’re using an iPhone, you can just use the built-in password manager to generate and auto-fill one-time passwords. On Android, you can use the Google Authenticator app.

Start tracking your time

Time is money—and tracking how you spend your time can help you make the most of your busy schedule. In the digital era distractions are everywhere, and it’s a good habit to get into knowing exactly how you’re spending your valuable hours. You can use an automatic tool like RescueTime to find out just how your time is spent. If you want to manually track your work or personal time, you can use Toggl Track. You might already be familiar with the Do Not Disturb feature on your phone and computer, but what if it’s the phone itself that’s the distraction? This is where the Screen Time feature on iPhone and the Digital Wellbeing app on Android will help you out. Use these features to first see how much time you’re spending on distracting apps. Then, set per-day limits for the biggest timewasters. You can also configure specific times that prohibit certain apps from opening.

Treat your devices as if they’re brand new

It’s important to treat your tech the way you treated it on the first day of purchase. Modern lithium-ion batteries are capable of retaining the same capacity for a long time, so it’s not just being mindful of overcharging. The real battery culprit is the heat. If you feel that your device is maybe getting too warm in your hands, pause the gaming or turn the navigation off. Other common recommendations include not leaving the device under the blazing sun, running system updates, and keeping enough free disk space. And most importantly – research the maintenance tips recommended by tech manufacturers.

Back up your personal data & stay organized

As strict as we are about backing up our work data, the same mentality should apply for our personal data as well. Having a good, up to date backup is the only way to avoid frustration down the road. Whether it’s an online backup or through an external hard drive, backing up your personal information is pretty straight forward, and you’ll be glad you did. Additionally, it’s time to do a desktop cleanup. Don’t backup old files and content that you no longer need, and make sure you don’t leave it lingering on your desktop or in your downloads folder. Not only does a cluttered desktop make things harder to find, but if you’re on a Mac, it can even slow down your computer. Once you’ve gotten that messy desktop under control, make it a habit of keeping it organized, and transfer those same ideas to the rest of your files and folders too. The easier it is to find what you’re looking for, the less time you’ll spend frustrated.

Audit your privacy settings on social media

You probably already know that social networks like Facebook aren’t the poster child for privacy. Unfortunately, the only way to keep your info private is by auditing your privacy settings every once in a while. Learn what each of those settings does and tweak them accordingly across all your social media platforms.

These tech habits shouldn’t just be a New Year’s resolution, they should become part of your healthy tech lifestyle. It’s about adjusting your habits slowly and surely, reminding yourself that technology is not our enemy.

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