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Implementing AI into Your Cybersecurity Process

Jaden Ambrose
By Jaden Ambrose | May 11, 2022 10:53:59 AM


In the new age of digital transformation, cybersecurity is more imperative than ever before. Companies have moved towards remote and hybrid work models. Unfortunately, despite the benefits of automating processes, it leaves data more accessible to hackers. As businesses continue to invest in their digital transformation, they inevitably obtain a vast amount of data that will need to be protected – it’s essential that companies ensure their sensitive data is safe from any breaches.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a great tool to identify and analyze these persistent data breaches. AI will recognize patterns in the data and learn what to detect over time. The goal is to accurately identify cyberattacks by analyzing the data patterns to discover any threats. Let’s review how implementing AI tools enhances your cybersecurity stance.

Your First Steps

Implementing AI into your cybersecurity strategies speeds up time-consuming processes and allows for optimization, but it cannot be done alone. Automation and machine learning does not replace the need for human problem solving. There are measures that need to be taken, along with AI, to protect your business.

Educate Your Team

Training your employees on the fundamentals of cybersecurity is vital, it must be a priority at every level in your organization. Employees must have the knowledge to recognize and report potential security threats. An onboarding plan that includes security training for all newly hired employees will help teach them the necessary means for protection. It is crucial to ensure all employees are informed on how to protect themselves and their company.

Implementing the Basics

It is important to create a security-first environment. Utilize multi-factor authentication, strengthen your passwords, ensure your systems are up to date, and create a plan. Antivirus software and firewalls can shield your devices from malware and protect your network. Filter email attachments and keep an eye out for phishing. Make use of tools for password sharing and internal communication. The key is to maintain a proactive approach towards your security postures without relying on automation.

Applying AI

AI can allow for earlier detection of threats by learning to identify any unusual patterns in the data and determine whether it should be inspected further for malicious behavior. It can also provide quicker response times, seamless endpoint security, and increased detection rates. AI creates an additional layer of safety with 24/7 protection that can support your organization against cyberthreats. The best solution is to implement AI as an addition to the human element of security.

The world of cybersecurity and automation is ever-changing. A trusted Managed Services Provider (MSP) can manage your systems and defend your business, taking over the responsibility of security monitoring, identifying threats, and developing an action plan.

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