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A Look at our iManage Training Experience

Steven Au Yeung
By Steven Au Yeung | Mar 28, 2017 3:35:00 PM

A group of 8 Lloydians, myself included, recently attended an exclusive iManage training seminar where iManage presented all of their recent product improvements and changes within the company. As an independent company, iManage continues to assist 2,500 law firm clients and 500 corporate clients. Upon their departure from HP, iManage has made significant enhancements to their services to create better and more secure products for their customers.

The biggest improvements I saw during this training include:

  • The new iManage Threat Manager product
  • Introduction of iManage Work 10
  • Improvements to the iManage Cloud


iManage Threat Manager

In a response to increased phishing attacks for client and firm data, iManage developed Threat Manager, which is a self-learning platform that analyzes behaviors to detect cyber threats. It leverages historical information to find “odd-ball” actions and provides faster identification of threats than traditional methods.

This add-on service also provides monitoring, investigative capabilities, alerts, and reporting, so the system not only protects all client data but the firm’s reputation as well, and allows them to comply with client regulations.  


Introduction of iManage Work 10iManage-work-logo.png

Another major change to the company was the institution of iManage Work 10, which adds dozens of enhancements to the document management system. A big draw to the new platform is that their “work from anywhere” design was made for lawyers by lawyers, making it easy to maintain client interaction and to transact files. Some top features include:

  • Sending large attachments over 2GB with Outlook integration
  • Having clients easily pick up folders with EZ Drop Zone
  • Inviting multiple parties to collaborate in folders and complete detailed audit trials
  • Viewing who has been working on documents through document timelines and visual cues confirm you are working on the most up-to-date version
  • Making your searches “smarter” with personalized search options through past searches, search refiners, and search tags which guides the users when creating a search
  • New email management that learns your behaviors and automatically suggests where mail should be filed, and mechanically files conversations tagged by the users

Their fresh iOS experiences allow users to work directly from their iPhone or iPad using Touch ID as a security feature to ensure no unauthorized user gains access. And the best feature yet, users have the ability to work online and offline, on any device, for a truly seamless experience.


iManage CloudiManage-cloud-logo.png

The iManage Cloud is the backend that brings all these great features to life. Their systems are built on the latest technologies adopted by the largest cloud vendors that provide room to grow and the capabilities for uninterrupted service. iManage’s data centers have no single point of failure (99.995% uptime)- their self-healing technology automatically redirects users to other data centers 24/7, allowing for continuous service.  

 iManage is working hard to stay on top of the advancing needs of law firms and the latest trends in technology. It seems that their latest improvements are geared towards keeping lawyers in the know, and with access to their data at any given moment. From my experience working with professional services firms, the ability to “work from anywhere” is becoming a necessity. 

We’re looking forward to continuing our iManage education and staying on top of these trends in new technologies for our professional services clients.


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