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4 Steps to Establish Your IT Strategy

Jaden Ambrose
By Jaden Ambrose | Dec 7, 2022 10:29:58 AM


Organizations of all sizes rely on technology to increase efficiency of business operations and streamline processes. Your organization needs strategic direction to define its vision, achieve business goals, and manage risk.

An IT strategy creates a roadmap for utilizing technology to support your business plan and align IT with your organization’s goals. Your IT strategy sets clear objectives for how technologies will be used and implemented and provides a framework that allows your employees to make decisions and implement solutions that move initiatives forward. A non-existent IT strategy leaves a gap between your IT and business needs.

4 Steps to Establish Your IT Strategy

Define your business goals and high-level objectives.

Your IT strategy should support and align with your business strategy. This provides strategic direction and will allow your employees to make decisions with your organization’s needs in mind. Aligning your IT and business strategies is not a one-step process, it requires continuous review as business needs and objectives change.

Have a dedicated IT Steering Committee.

An IT Steering Committee is an advisory group of decision-makers that ensure an organization’s IT strategy and goals are aligned, provide strategic direction, and encourage a focus on initiatives that are in the organization’s best interest. When choosing members for your IT Steering Committee, it’s important to ensure that employees from various areas of your organization each have a voice. The cross-functional makeup will steer your IT initiatives to success!

Lead with a security-first mentality.

The responsibility of security must extend beyond cybersecurity professionals. Your leadership team should encourage a “security-first” culture across your organization by educating employees to ensure they have a deep understanding of cybersecurity principles and best practices. This includes cybersecurity awareness training for all employees to encourage users to be vigilant and prepare them for potential cyber threats.

Find the right partner.

Partnering with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) gives you access to a diligent team of experts and will allow you to focus on your business objectives while they handle the rest. As a Lloyd client, we complete a thorough analysis of your current IT environment to help develop an IT strategy that aligns with the core goals and objectives of your business. This plan continuously evolves throughout the duration of our partnership while we help digitally transform your business through the design and implementation of a clear IT framework. We strive to fully understand your business aspirations and to deliver results with the insight of our most senior professionals. We take careful cognizance of your technology investments to establish trusted managed solutions and continuous reliability of your infrastructure.

Contact us to learn more about our solutions, designed to cover all aspects of IT, that allow our clients to focus on their core objectives while improving their overall operational efficiency.


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