As the Internet of Things (IoT) connects innumerable everyday devices, previously closed systems are opened up to remote access and control. Unfortunately, hostile parties lurk everywhere, ready to exploit any vulnerability. To attain full rewards of the digital age, businesses and consumers need to believe the IoT’s benefits exceed their risks. Threats to your firm’s data can come from a variety of sources, and they are designed to avoid detection while they compromise your most confidential data.

Lloyd Group offers a complete portfolio of solutions that work together to secure your data and prevent cyber-attacks, and utilizes the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cyber Security framework, outlined below, to ensure our clients are prepared for potential security risks.

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Identify and Build a Strong Foundation

  • Asset Management: IT hardware recycling, hardware warranty renewal tracking, and asset management ensure your infrastructure is kept up to date and data stays protected.
  • Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) Development & Consulting: Creation of in-depth policies such as password and social media policies for risk management.

Protect your Business

  • Employee Training & Education: Security awareness training teaches employees how to understand vulnerabilities and threats to their business operations. As well as continually emphasize the critical nature of data security and the responsibility of each employee to protect company data.
  • Managed Endpoint Security: A fully managed solution that protects your business from malicious virus and malware attacks that can slow down or even halt production.
  • Access Control and Additional Protective Technologies: Password policies, two-factor authentication, next generation firewalls, data encryption, URL defense, web filtering, and other technologies are all important tools to help block attacks and keep your confidential data confidential.

Detect Vulnerabilities

  • Security Monitoring: Implement proper monitoring to detect any anomalies or peculiar events happening on your network.
  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention: Identifies attack signatures throughout the network, issuing alerts to prevent data theft.

Respond to Threats

  • Response Planning, Analysis, & Mitigation: Utilize Lloyd’s ITIL based Service Desk for incident response and management.
  • Communications: Maintain a communication strategy to alert your community of any exposure or outages.

Recover from Attacks

  • Backup & Disaster Recovery: The incident response for cyber-attacks often utilizes your backup data or Disaster Recovery environment while the threat is eliminated, making it a vital part of your risk management procedures.
  • Recovery & Communications Planning: Develop a documented recovery plan to cover everything from internal communication to how employees will operate in any emergency situation.
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