At Lloyd we believe that businesses in the small to mid-sized market are entering the third stage of technology adoption. When we were founded in 1995, companies were just beginning to enter the “connectivity” phase and beginning to network their computers so that employees could share applications and data. During this period our core focus was on deployment of infrastructure, helping our clients build the foundation necessary for them to begin utilizing technology.

In 2002 we recognized that our clients' needs were changing, entering the “sustainability” phase. Most companies at this point had their core infrastructure in place, and with the advent of the Internet we were beginning to communicate and share data with constituents outside of their organizations. This resulted in increased dependency on infrastructure, and a shift in business needs. The cost of downtime for a business increased dramatically, and the stability of infrastructure became the core focus of IT Service Delivery. Adapting to this change, Lloyd innovated what is now commonly referred to as the managed services model of IT Service Delivery, creating sustainability, improving our clients uptime and the overall reliability of their infrastructure.

Today we are entering the third stage of technology adoption, a phase where the investments made in infrastructure and reliability allow companies to focus on innovation and transformation.

In today’s world simply sustaining your business is not enough. In the near future, sustainability will be defined by one’s ability to innovate, growth by one’s ability to transform. For the past decade we’ve lived in a world where our primary value proposition was sustainability.

To address this, Lloyd has evolved into a company that enables growth through innovation and transformation while still providing sustainability.

In the past, our commitment to our clients was based on Managing the Device; today we also Manage their Information and Experience. We’ve always helped our clients by solving technology problems, today we also help our clients solve problems through technology.

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