Your organization requires technical direction. You need someone who can sit in a strategic management meeting to help ensure the goals of your IT operation tie to the goals of the company. At Lloyd our consulting services can be both short and long term engagements that cover the following scenarios:

  • Complete Your Management Team: Every company needs strategy when it comes to IT. You need someone to not only attend your IT Steering Committee meetings, you need someone to plan, execute, and hold the members of the committee accountable to moving key initiatives forward. If your desire is to completely outsource your CIO functions, Lloyd can provide consultants who can help meet that need.
  • Key Project Planning & Execution: Relying on a trusted advisor to help you develop an RFP, manage a project to help alleviate staff, and ensure PMP best practices are followed can help ensure IT investments are planned, executed, and maintained.
  • Extend Your IT Team: Even with a fully developed IT team with a CIO, you may not have enough time in the day to manage all the projects associated with your IT Team. Lloyd's consultants can help provide breathing room and can help keep your business moving while acting as an extension to your IT team.
  • Fill the Void: If you are planning on hiring a CIO or are you need a temporary replacement, you still need keep the business moving. Our consultants can help fill that void to keep things running properly until you can fill the position. We can also help you plan, recruit, hire, and onboard your new CIO to help minimize the workload and data transfer for the new position.

Consulting Services from Lloyd Group can help make sure your business sustains, innovates, and transforms.

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