At Lloyd, we take the service desk experience very seriously. Our organization was built on the belief that our service delivery and the experience we provide our clients relies heavily on the performance of our service desk. When implementing our best practices in our Service Desk, and frankly any best practices within our organization, we rely on a healthy combination of our own experiences and external influences, which is why we've spent the last twenty years building an ITIL-based Service Desk with ITIL-certified managers and team leads. Through ITIL, we've focused on providing two primary goals within our Service Desk:

  • To provide a single point of contact for clients
  • To facilitate the restoration of normal operational service with minimal business impact on the client within agreed service levels and business priorities.

We live and breathe those goals day everyday and through our investment in ITIL, we've become what is known as an expert service desk: We incorporate incident management and problem management, and most incidents are solved at our Service Desk. By resolving most incidents at our Service Desk through processes such as first contact resolution, we're able to minimize the frustration of needing to talk to multiple people and dealing with delays of transferring incidents. :

Through our Service Desk, our goal is to provide:

  • Improved client service perception and satisfaction
  • Increased accessibility through a single point of contact, communication and information
  • Better quality and a quicker turnaround of customer requests
  • Improved teamwork and communication
  • Enhanced focus and a proactive approach to service provision
  • A reduced negative business impact
  • Better management of infrastructure and control
  • Improved usage of IT support resources and increased productivity of business personnel
  • More meaningful management information to support decisions.

Whether you are looking to completely outsource your service desk, looking for additional help desk and onsite dispatch resources to help complete your team, or looking for someone to help you manage your help desk staff and implement best practices, Lloyd can help you achieve the experience you are looking to provide to your employees. Here are some key areas we can help when building your service desk:

  • Personnel: to man Service Desk, set-up and ongoing
  • Accommodation: physical location, set-up and ongoing
  • Software: tools, set-up and ongoing
  • Hardware: infrastructure, set-up
  • Education: training, set-up and ongoing
  • Procedures: external consultants etc., set-up
  • Management Information: staff resource usage, service deficiencies, service performance and target achievement, and client training needs
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