Since 1995, we have worked very hard at continuously improving the loss-limiting Disaster Recovery services that we provide. From our experienced consultants and professional client service, to the technology solutions used in our emergency response, our sights are set on excellence in every aspect of our business. In all we do, meeting today’s standard in DR services is just a starting point.

With over two decades of experience with Disaster Recovery Solutions, Lloyd Group has the pedigree, expertise and resources to help our clients capitalize on the power of IT for business gain. Our Disaster Recovery services are built around the following core components to ensure the highest levels of quality and availability.

  • Strategic Planning: Every Disaster Recovery Solution requires a vision. Once that vision is developed, you'll need to know how to execute. We don't only develop the plans for our clients, we educate you on every facet of that plan including how to strategically execute that plan in the event of a disaster.
  • Cost Effective Solutions: There are many solutions available to you and those solutions come with an investment. We ensure our clients invest only in the Disaster Recovery Solutions that meet the needs of your business.
  • Full Disaster Testing: We conduct tests on annual basis to ensure your Disaster Recovery environment is ready to go during a true outage.
  • An Alternate Site Processing Facility: Alternate site facilities are the ultimate option for ensuring the recoverability of core company functions. There is no option more accommodative to a variety of threats than a fully equipped recovery facility, with systems on standby, ready-to-go. Short-term events can be overcome with recovery plans that include data backups, systems redundancy, electrical generators, or even vendor maintenance teams. However, events that more severely impact a building or an entire area/region, necessitate alternate site facilities far enough away from the affected area to allow recovery operations to be safely conducted.
  • Complete System Functionality in Recovery Systems: Maintaining a business continuity plan is far easier and less expensive if the plan uses software backups from the primary site at the alternate site. System backups that contain the operating system and application software used at the primary site contain the latest changes and updates, and can be incorporated via a variety of backup methodologies at the alternate site. The advantages include recovery system operations and output that are identical to that of the primary site. This makes recovery systems testing and maintenance more manageable and less costly. In addition, system operation for both company and customer constituents are consistent.
  • Accessible Virtually Anywhere: When an outage occurs, any authorized employee can access the data and applications with an Internet connection from virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Comprehensive Maintenance and Monitoring: Lloyd's comprehensive maintenance services include 24x7x365 hardware monitoring, weekly software updates, remote access testing, random user account testing and bimonthly on-site colocation inspections.
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